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Are concrete blocks cheaper than bricks in Brisbane?

The options to boost the overall decor are staggering when it comes to the ideal indoor/outdoor project. You can install sandstone letterboxes, Sandstone Tiles or Sandstone Sculptures. The principal components of durable masonry construction are however bricks and blocks.

Sandstone Blocks & Bricks Brisbane

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While both brick and sandstone blocks are fire-resistant, strong, insect-proof building materials with a lot of thermal mass which helps them immensely to retain heat and compensates for their relatively poor insulation value, they have some major differences if you are thinking of adding onto an existing space or building a new homes, you might want to know everything about them.

  • While plywood has an R-value or insulation value of 2.5, basic brick walls have an insulation value of 0.2 per square inch. Various brick homes are wood-framed ones that come with brick sheathing with insulation values comparable to other buildings that are wood framed. An 8-inch concrete block wall will have an R-value of 0.08 per square inch. Air entrained blocks will have R values as high as 3.9.
  • While they are both relatively strong, their strength in the wall is immensely affected by the kind and quality of mortar holding them together. While the average clay brick can withstand 3000psi, the average concrete block is able to withstand 3500psi according to Mechanical properties of Unreinforced Brick Masonry. High cement mortars can withstand up to 2500psi but mortars high in lime are somewhat weaker.
  • They are both heavy but their individual weight is determined by the type and materials of construction. The average clay brick weighs around 5 pounds while a conventional 8-inch concrete block will weigh around 43 pounds. A lightweight block or autoclaved, aerated concrete can contain a lot of air and weigh as little as 20 per cent as much as a conventional block of the same size.
  • They are relatively inexpensive. According to MAC, a heavier block costs almost $15.00 while a single large lightweight concrete block will cost around $11.00 installed. Labour can bring wall prices up. Bricks are more expensive and will take a little longer to lay than blocks. Although blocks are cheaper you also additionally have the labour costs associated with block laying, decorating and rendering.

You can go for other sandstone products to add to the overall appearance of your indoor/outdoor setting.

  • Sandstone pavers and tiles – Sandstone Tiles are the ideal choice for your indoor or outdoor projects.
  • Sandstone retaining walls – Retaining walls are extremely useful for holding back soil. The most popular options are timber, sandstone, concrete, brick, gabion retaining walls.
  • Sandstone blocks and boulders – You can choose from hammered and natural manhandables, natural and hammered random boulders, wheel sawn B-grade, wheel sawn B-grade premium blocks, wheel sawn A-grade blocks, and diamond sawn dimensional blocks.
  • Decorative pebbles – If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your outdoor projects, decorative pebbles will do the task for you. The exhaustive range includes – basalt tumbled, blue-grey, gabion crushed, peaches and cream crushed and tumbled, charcoal black, white ash, western red washed, white crush.
  • Bush rocks – They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes that can perfectly create a natural landscape or a rock wall.
  • Sandstone steps and stepping stones – The exhaustive range of sizes, colours, and shapes bring style and elegance to your projects.

Brisbane Rock Sales

Brisbane Rock Sales, an Australian owned family business is a world-class Queensland Sandstone supplier, sourcing Sandstone from Yangan and Helidon. They are known for their superior quality services and a comprehensive, extensive range of durable sandstone products like Sandstone Sculptures and seats.

The business is nurtured and backed by years of knowledge, experience, and friendly service. Brisbane rock sales believe in commitment, delivery, trust and above all honouring their clientele, consisting of landscapers, government projects, public, construction, excavation, streetscapes, schools, parklands, property owners etc by supplying small to large quantities of a wide range of sandstone products.

The perfect landscape now exists thanks to Brisbane rock sales. Beautiful designs begin with high-quality sandstone and exceptional workmanship. You can see their onsite displays, get the best expert advice from their master stonemasons and get quotes. You need highly improved landscaping services that will provide the best solution for your space. Brisbane rock sales use state of the art equipment to ensure consistency and total control over the finished product.

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    From the time I rang Brisbane Rock Sales to get some names for quotes to do this sandstone wall to completion, I could not have been happier with the whole process. The price came in as a reasonable amount of money after I had received quotes to get the wooden retaining wall replaced, the stones came in a lot cheaper. We couldn’t be happier with the end product and we were very impressed with the professionalism shown. Thank you for making the process less stressful and creating such a pleasing result.

    Melanie Williams

    Just letting you know I was happy with your service and quality of Sandstone also the lady who delivered the stone could not have been more helpful. My sincere thanks.

    Mark Isaac – Isaac Earthworks

    The quality of the sandstone blocks that Brisbane Rock Sales supplied for us were stunning. The blocks were built into a beautiful retaining wall at the front of our property. Thank you Brisbane Rock Sales for the friendly service and hassle free delivery of these beautiful blocks.

    Tim and Jess Campbell

    We would not hesitate to recommend Brisbane Rock Sales to anyone considering sandstone paving. Brisbane Rock Sales has always offered professional advice with a great knowledge of their product, and delivered what has been promised with a minimum of fuss, and with a product that has more than met our expectations.

    Trent Foy

    Brisbane Rock Sales supplied our full range of sandstone pavers, coping and tiles for our pool surrounds and outdoor entertaining area.  The personal and professional service we received was fantastic and the quality of the products are excellent!

    Rodney James