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Sandstone Jobs

1) How much for the split faced garden edging 180 x 100 – 110 ?
2) I was after a price on B Grade Premium Sandstone blocks for a retaining wall. Is the price per block?
3) Cost for approx 20 cubic metres delivered to little mountain
Little Mountain
4) Hi, Can you please provide a quote for approx 25m2 of Sandstone Pavers – either 400x400x40 or 600x300x40. Delivered to Mitchelton 4053. Thank you
5) Hi i am after some manhandleables for an adging to a garden bed approximately 8 linear metres do you have any if so at what price I can pick up .
6) I am interested in something like the square rustic letterbox.
7) I was wondering what sandstone letterboxes you have and the pricing. Is it possible to view some of the letterboxes on site?
8) Can you please provide a quote for 40m of Sandstone Blocks?
9) 12 Linear meters Sandstone Bricks 200mm high .Delivered to Kallangur
Tinbeerwah QLD
10) Interested in a profiled letter box but carved with “183” and “KINGSGROVE”. Is this possible and what would be indicative price. many thanks
11) We are interested in Split faced garden edging. Approx 22 metres long.
Samford Valley
12) A price on the rustic sandstone seating benches please?
13) Looking for a quote for a sandstone retaining wall to surround a pool on 2 sides. Approximate length 13000 x 6000 and a maximum height of 1000.
14) Please give me a quote for supply and delivery of enough B grade sandstone rocks to build a wall 15M long and 2m high.
15) Please quote 16 B grade 1000x600x400 blocks and 18 A grade 6 sawn sides 1000x400x400 blocks
16) I would like a price on sandstone blocks for retainer wall 10m L x 5m W x 2m H, B grade would be ok
Springfield lakes
17) Hey. Can I Please have an indication of price for Your A grade 5 sawn sides and B grade premium sandstone and if sold by truck load how many blocks roughly per load? Thank you
Redland Bay
18) I need a quote for 20-40 charcoal black,12 ton and crushed peaches & cream
Fig tree pocket
19) Hi – I have built a house at Peachester and have to do some serious landscaping. Do you have a local contact for supply of the Sandstone blocks. I am looking at the B Grade Premium and looking to place approximately 1 x 10 and 1 x 20 metres by 1200mm high. If no local supplier can you advise price of blocks, weight and cost to transport.
20) How much is a pallet of split random blocks and what is the delivery charge to Burpengary east? How soon do you deliver?
Burpengary East
21) Hi I run a landscaping company in chinchilla 4hours west of Brisbane. I have a customer wanting a slab/boulder of sandstone measuring 1mx3m by any thickness with just one face side to use standing upright in his garden. Would you have something in this size? If you what would a rough price be? Also would you deliver to chinchilla 4413?
Thank you
22) I was after a price on B Grade Premium Sandstone blocks for a retaining wall. Is the price per block?
23) Just spoke to you regarding quote for 40 B grade blocks delivered to Murwillumbah.For Community Centre. Thankyou await your reply
Murwillumbah NSW
24) Hi, I am looking for a price per m3 for sandstone pavers to go around a pool. I would like to give our client a couple of different options, can you provide a price for Crazy Pave and rectangle Pavers please.
Carrara Gold Coast
25) Hi I would like a quote on Premium B grade blocks 1m x .5 x .5 for retaining wall. We would need 2 or 3 truck and dog load delivered to Karalee 4306. Could you please provide me with a quote per block and a quote for delivery also your availability time?
26) Hello, can l please get a quote for 115 premium B grade blocks 400mm x 400mm x 1000mm. The street at the site is a wide street with easy parking either side that would take a b-double with access each end with no need for turning. The blocks would need to be on pallets as we cant tip them on the front. There is a fork lift on site.
Molendinar Gold Coast.
27) Can you please provide a price for 2.5m3 of Tumbled Charcol delivered?
28) Have questions on sandstone blocks and prices
29) Could you please let me know what the cost of delivery of 3 tonnes of river rocks or sandstone rocks to Karana Downs would be? Many thanks
Karana Downs
30) Please quote a 12 ton Basalt load to shailer park. 8 ton 200-400 / 4 ton 400-800 / 2
Shailer Park
31) Require a quote on 50sqm of 20mm pavers Supplied
Moray Field
32) 12 tonne of 200-400mm delivered cost?
33) Hi, I am enquiring about a natural block of sandstone we would like to get engraved as a memorial stone. It is very course grained sandstone with a (currently unsanded/ rough) top surface of approx 35cm x 25cms, 20cms deep. Could you please advise if this is possible and the time & cost involved? Many thanks
34) Hello, I am an interior design student and I am doing an assignment on sandstone cladding. Could you please give me an idea of the cost of this product please.
35) I would like quote to supply 24 1m x 500cm x 500cm high seconds sandstone blocks delivered to above school at Slacks Creek
Slacks Creek
36) Cost for Sandstone retaining wall 1.10 meters high X 10 meters long
Stafford Heights
37) Hi, we are the owners of the above tenanted property which has a failing stone retaining wall. Could I please request you conduct a site inspection with a view to replacing the wall? Access to the property is not required
38) I have 70m long and 2.2m high of retain wall need a quote in b grade sand stone
39) Trade price per m3 for charcoal black pebbles
40) Need to get a retaining wall done & need approximately 30-40m² of wall built up to 2.0m high Can you provide a quote for supply only. Also do you supply & install? Quote on this?
Pacific Pines
41) I love your sandstone product and have a special place in my heart for its geological lateral equivalent (the Precipice Sandstone – I’m a hydrogeologist).
We’re in the process of relandscaping our garden and would love to use some of the Helidon Sandstone in a gabion wall, but only need approx 3m3. Please can you let us know of any suppliers in Brisbane where we can purchase the 50-150mm gabion stone.
We’re also interested in the wheel sawn stepping stones.
We will be buying some tumbled sandstone pebbles, which we can get readily
42) Hi, I’m thinking of a sandstone block retaining wall for my back yard. The wall would be 20m long by 1.2m high. I’m interested in prices for a grade, b grade and B grade (premium) blocks. Delivered to Ferny Grove. Also, do you install? Thank you
Ferny Grove
43) Price on 30 sandstone pavers 500×500 30ml thick
44) Hi there I am interested Sandstone tumbled 20-40mm / 40 – 70 i need 8 cubic metre.please call me or e-mail me if you can supply
Samford Valley
45) 80 m2 , 26m of pool coping
Southern Cross Drive
46) I’m looking to build a retaining wall around my house 15x20x4
Groundberry Cresent
47) Looking at sandstone splitfaced garden edging. Please provide quote for 200×150 x random lengths per linel metre or pallet. Needing about 40 lineal metres.
Port Macquarie
48) Price on 90 square meters sandstone pavers 30mm thick
Flamingo Roa
49) 70 lineal metres long x1.2 m high b+ blocks needed
50) Could you please confirm if you can supply to Perth. I am interested in the cost of the sculpture of the soldier.
51) Looking for 80m2 sand stone pavers and 27m of pool coping
Southern Cross Drive
52) I want a quote on a couple of walls on a new house iam building
53) How much are b grade premium per load ?pick up and delivered
Logan Reserve
54) Two quotes please: 16 x 600mm x 600mm x 1000mm A grade sawn cut and same for diamond cut. Also a separate cost for delivery to Samford Valley Please.
Samford Valley
55) Hi, Iam a Japanese landscaper and making a Japanese garden on the coast and Brisbane. Just wondering if I could have a look your large rock products. If yes, please let me know your address. Thank you for your assistance
56) Can you help with approx 13 basketball sized bushrocks, need price please
Gold Coast
57) Can you give me a price on truck and dog x2 of random hammered boulders please
58) Hi there , Was looking for a price of b grade – standard blocks 500x500x1000 . Full truck & dog . How many blocks would that be ? And delivered to Ningi
59) Pls quote on 40 sandstone steps diamond cut 1000mmx500mmx180mm
Wollundry Place
60) Price of B grade 500 x 1000
61) Do you have a showroom anywhere? I need 40 to 45 sqm natural stone pavers min 30mm
Albany Creek
62) Tipper load of 400x400x1000 (a grade blocks)
63) Do you have display village?
Brisbane Northside
64) Hi – can you please advise if you have display centre Brisbane – preferably Brisbane north ?(looking for sandstone pavers)
Murrumba Downs
65) I’m chasing a price for 45 pieces of the A GRADE blocks with 5 sawn sides in 500x500x1000 size delivered to Victoria point
66) Looking to stock sandstone products in our landscaping yard…seeking prices delivered or ex yard as we have trucks…wanting prices on sandstone rocks and decorative pebble first with other products such as cut block down the track thanks for you assistance
Whistler Street bli bli
67) For retaining wall 1 meter high and 100 meter length . I would like to know how much per stone and the measures , the total gst , delivery fee
The Palms
68) Can you please send me a quote for sand block class A ,B, and C need around 100 – 150 blocks.
69) Hi, Looking for a quote and options on rock retaining walls at 31 Diamond St Holland Park. Max Height to 2m, but most of the walls are 3 x 1m high terraces across front boundary.
Diamond St
70) 10 of the 3 sided 400×1000 B grade blocks
71) Sandstone to do driveway approx 160sqm of various shapes and sizes delivered toSpringfieldd 4300
Cabernet Crescent
72) May I have a quote for a retaining wall approximately 10metres long and just under a 1metre high. thanks
Collingwood Park
73) Hi, I want to build a retaining wall from sandstone blocks. It needs to be about 1.5-2m high, around 33m long and delivered to Eumundi. Thanks.
74) Looking for a price for 14 x Wheel Sawn B grade blocks 400x500x1100 delivered
75) I am looking for 1-1.5m pillar and your gallery seat picture, the legs, might do the trick so i can stand my bonsai. Needs to be 2 man portable
76) Need a quote for 138 A grade 5 sawn sides & 6 A grade 6 sawn sides blocks delivered to above address
Sunshine Coast
77) I’m looking for small sandstone boulders to build edges in my garden. Your natural manhandables 200 to 300mm wouldseem to fit the bill. I usually pick through the supplies at Centenary Lanscapes who charge me $10 for 100kg. How much would it cost me to get 2 to 3 tons delivered to my driveway.
78) Inquiring for the price of sandstone stepping stones
Banksia Beach
79) Price for sandstone stepping stones
The Peninsula
80) Please provide quote for supply and delivery of 12 ton or 25 ton of 400-800 mm bush rocks.
Upper Brookfield
81) Interested in bush rocks for feature wall in front garden. not sure on quantity required, approximately how many rocks supplied in 12 tonne load? What is price for supply and delivery to Auchenflower.
82) Please indicate cost supply and deliver sandstone 500x500x1000 blocks 150 in total to above address
Tamborine Mountain
83) Hi – I’m looking for white ash 20mm-40mm pebbles – do you have them in stock?
Aspect Terrace
84) I want to buy sandstone blocks for a gated edge. Block size 250mm high x 3-400 long x 15 -200 front to back. I need sufficient blocks to edge 67 metres of garden, I guess a split face would look the best.
85) Price please on around 8 meters Peaches and Cream Crushed delivered to Clifton
86) Please contact me on the above mobile regarding rough sawn sandstone and retaining walls
87) Price for sandstone boulders please.
88) Need up to 80 m sandstone in 30 mm and 70 in 20 mm
89) How much for large rocks floor a 1200 high 27 meter long wall?
90) We would like to get a quote for a sandstone letterbox. Email please,no calls. Thank you
Edens Landing
91) Hi, I wanting to know the price on a 5 steps around 1200 wide by 200 thick and a wall either side of the step around 1 mtr high and around 1 mtr wide. Thanks
92) 10 metres of garden edging 180×100 is the 180 measurement the height and the 100-110 the width.
Bray Park
93) What is cost of 10 blocks for retainer wall delivered to Toowoomba please
94) Hi, I’m interested in how many B grade 500x500x1100 sandstone blocks fit in 1 truckload, and a price delivered to Willow Vale Queensland 4209?
Willow Vale
95) I want a quote on 70 linear metres of size 42 Bush Rock to be delivered to Pine Mountain.
Pine Mountain, QLD
96) Hi, I wanted to enquire to buy 50 square meters of 20mm sandstone tiles. Do u have a rough price so I can put a quote together.
Marbach Road
97) Looking for B grade sandstone blocks delivered on site
98) Could I please have a quote for some pavers, I have a pool area to pave 30m in Himalayan Sandstone pavers 30x400x400mm.
99) Hi, I’ll need to replace retaining wall 10.5m – 11 m long & 800-900mm high. Can you please let me know the cost for the Sandstone blocks, thanks.
Bilambil Heights
100) Quote for 1.8 meters height, 15 meters long retaining wall
101) I would like 10 tonne of random boulders – manhandable – blast rock 200-300 diameter – cheapest type and delivered to me in Corinda Brisbane – are you able to provide me with a quote? Many thanks indeed
102) I am chasing a B grade block, 500 x 400x 400, are you able to supply this size block? If so how much would it cost to have it delivered to Everton Hills? Or am I able to pick it up from your place of business? Thank you for your time!
Everton Hills
103) Hi. Have a landscape project due to start next month Looking for a quote on 30 450.x 900 sandstone steppers or similar size.
104) Hi,Could you please provide a quote to supply and deliver 3 x Wheel Sawn B Grade Blocks – 3 – 4 sawn sided. 1 x 700×1000, 2 x 500×1000. Delivery to Casuarina NSW (just south of Tweed Heads. Thank you.
Liriope Street
105) Price list on your letter box.
Bridgeman Downs
106) I am interested in sandstone bricks, with a rock face. Please give me pricing ex pit plus transport to Tamborine village.
107) Hi, i am looking at building a retaining wall out of ‘A’ grade blocks 5 sawn sides. 600x600x1000. I will need around 55-60 blocks delivered.
108) Want a price for crazy pavers about 400mm x 600. Thanks
Karana Downs
109) Looking for 30 mm pavers 400mm square . Require about 44m2
Collingwood Park
110) As per my text message and phone call can you please give me a price for the diamond sawn garden edging 6 sides smooth 180 x 100/110 random lengths. How long does is take after playing an order for the gardening edging to be delivered? Do you have samples to view? Thankyou
111) Please email a quote or pricing on your sandstone seats / blocks
112) Quote for a Sandstone Seats
Springfield Lakes
113) I am a sculptor and would like a cute on a block of sandstone. It does not have to be squared off. Not sure of the size. A stone about the size of a large microwave.
114) Can I please get a price on B Grade blocks – 500 x 1000 – 1100mm – each, , will get a truck and dog load so please price accordingly. Thanks,
South Ripley
115) Hi, can you please let me know a price for a sandstone letterbox inc delivery if available? I need a large/a4 size mailbox please, but no newspaper circle. Thanks!
Ferny Grove
116) Could you please give me a price on your sandstone cladding (random pattern). Have about 30m2 of besser block wall that requires cladding.
Price should include delivery to Woombye, Sunshine Coast.
117) Hi. Do you know of a company or person who specialises in cleaning outdoor sandstone patios?
Gold Coast
118) Just inquiring about sandstone split faced garden edging *require approx 13 linear meters. Pricing for the 180 x 100 – 110 x random lengths * would prefer cream / yellow color in the stone to match existing surroundings
119) Manhandable rocks available for pick up ?
Garden Avenue
120) Please let me know how much sandstone crazy pave is per square meter and how much delivery to Augustine Heights will be?
Augustine Heights
121) Just want to see how much it is for 50m of the sandstone blocks. What are the measurements of the blocks?
122) Hi I’m after a price on a letter box, flat on front and back rough sides with news paper hole.
123) We will be building at Hattonvale soon and would like to have retaining wall built with the B grade premium 5 sawn sided the wall will be approximately 40 meters long and 1 to 1,2 high thanks and hear from you soon
124) I am looking for half a load of Natural Manhadables
125) Quote for Sandstone blocks
126) 8 blocks at approx. 750x600x300high. Do not have to be exact, can be rough and ‘natural’ looking rather than diamond cut
127) Hi, How much would 2 x Wheel Sawn 3 sided “B” Grade blocks 600 x 1000 be?
128) Hello the 300 x 400 blocks with the random lengths can you give me some idea how random the lengths are
129) Hi, just after an approximate price for 4 Wheel Sawn B Grade Blocks – 3 – 4 sawn sided…500×1000 plus delivery to Pallara 4110.
Homeming Place
130) Hi i am looking at doing a few walls on our property can you let me have a price for 2 full truck and dog loads B grade blocks and randon large boulder thank you
131) Quote of supply and delivery for 20-40mm white ash pebbles
Bracken Ridge
132) I called on Monday regarding b grade prices and stocking some diamond sawn stock in our new nursery.
Bellbird Park
133) Hi im from a local landscape/ residential maintenance business in brisbane. Im looking for a delivered price for 25m2 of sandstone pavers for a project. its to be layd on bedding sand and to be arround 400x 400. not crazy pavers . Thanks for your time.
Holland Park Brisbane
134) Hi, I am after apprix 2m2 of sandstone steps to make a pathway.
Carmel Street
135) Hi, i am after a quote for around 35m of B Grade premium 5 sawn side.
Mazzard Street
136) Id like to get a price on the loose sandstone block cladding. Its on the cladding page on the right of the fire place.
I would need approx. 35m2 and I would need it delivered to the clients place in Cornubia.
137) I need bushrocks for a project we are doing in Moorooka Brisbane. I would like to come and see the basalt you have if possible.
Would you kindly call with your address if that is okay.
Moorooka Brisbane
138) Hi, I am chasing a price on 40 B grade blocks 500x500x1000 delivered to Kenmore hills.
Kenmore Hills
139) Hi, can you please supply me with some pricing of your sandstone cladding? We’re looking at doing it in a new bistro at Chermside Westfield next month.
140) Quote on retaining wall boulders that I can man handle+ delivery.
Alexandra Hills
141) Would like a quote for retaining wall with A grade sandstone blocks please.
Wavell Heights
142) I was hoping that you could give me a price for standard house brick sized blocks please? Do you deliver to the Coffs Harbour area?
143) Could you please quote me on 100 square metres of 20mm sandstone paving and also in crazy paving. Thankyou.
Oringa Street
144) Could you please give me a quote for 4 wheel-sawn steps delivered to Moorooka.
145) Looking for stepping stones irregular shape around 500x500mm. would need 20 to 25 depending on size. Delivery included
146) can you give me a price on your 400/400//1000 500/500/1000 600/600/1000 B grade premium blocks and 500/250/1500 steps Do you have a display center so I can see what I need?
145) How much to deliver one trailer and dog full of 1000x500x500 B grade sandstone blocks?
Lake Kiwanna Blv
146) 20- 40 white ash need about 6- 7 cubic meters
Pelican waters
147) Please provide price on wheel sawn B grade blocks for low retaining wall
148) Hello, I am looking to provide our students with extra seating and I have seen these blocks as a great alternative. What is the price for Wheel Sawn B Grade 3-4 sawn side, if we ordered 20 or more delivered.
149) I am trying to buy some cut sandstone garden edging with size of each sandstone block the following: 50 mm height X 200 mm width X 900 mm length.. Can you cut this size? looking at a quantity of 4. If so, can I pick up from a Brisbane location or how much to delivery to Daisy Hill?
Daisy Hill
150) Hello, we are looking for 4 only 450 x 450 x 30mm sandstone tiles to place in a line in front of our fireplace. We would like the front edge of each tile chamfer edge profile as well as the outside edge of the two end tiles. Please advise a price and approximate availability of these four tiles. Also where these can be collected from.
151) I am looking for about 12 or so man handlable rocks am I able to pick and choose and take on the day.
152) Hi I was just after a quote for around 80m2 of your sandstone crazy paving 30mm thick.
New Beith
153) I’m looking for a nice sandstone rock for my mother’s cemetery plaque to go onto. I would need to be approx 70cm long & 50cm high. I need it thicker at the bottom so it can sit up on the ground . Also need the front face sawn flat so the plaque can be bolted to it. Can you do anything like this & if so approx price please. Where are you located?
154) I’m looking at a sandstone wall. Height is only about 2m but its probably about 10m long and goes around a corner. Start of a bigger job where we will eventually doing the bigger sandstones out the back for retaining wall.
New Beith
155) Price please on 8 400x400x1 met delivered to Capalaba
156) 200m² of 30mm thick sandstone paving.
157) Can you please give me a call re crazy pave sandstone pavers 30mm. Many thanks
158) Hi I’m interested in your prices for your stone cladding 20mm and stepping stone 1000X50x18mm thanks
159) How much for 6m3 of the ‘Gabon crushed’ 50-150mm delivered to Manly West?
Manly West
160) Please quote cost of garden edging 200×150 x (approximately) 400mm lengths and delivery to Albany Creek. We can arrange pick up if near Brisbane.
Albany Creek
161) Hi, could you please tell me how much your sandstone wheel sawn steps and diamond sawn 1000 x 500 x 180mm steps cost please, also sandstone blocks approx 1000 x 500 x 500.
162) Looking for a fish pond capping. Pond is 3.6m long and 1.2m wide. Would need capping 220mm x 45 mm with bullnose both side and could you supply 8 caps with mitred corners?
163) What size are the rockfaced pieces as these would suite the front of my fish pond….they need to be 600 long.
164) Hello – would you be able to let me know your pricing per Sqm for sandstone crazy pave?
Ross Crescent
165) Looking for a letterbox and some steps.
Halleys Crescent
166) I need a quote for sandstone.
167) Can I get a quote for a retaining wall approx. 15 mtrs retaining wall approx. 1 mtr high
Burleigh Waters
168) Hi, A price on delived natural manhandables, around 20 in the 300mm sizing.
Red Hill
169) Whats the price of the standard sandstone mailbox
Voyager Drive
170) Looking at building wall 3mts to 1 mtr. Approx 17mtrs of wall one 10mtr other 7mts they join in corner?
Bli Bli
171) I need 20m of split face garden edging. How muchwoudl that cost delivered to Bribie Island?
Bribie Island
172) What would the cost be for about 20 lineal metres of rock faced garden edging, delivered to Bribie Island?
Bribie Island
173) I’m trying to have some pavers made for a garden path. I need 7 pavers 800mm by 400mm and one 800mm x 800mm. Is this something you can do and how much would I be looking at?
Upper Kedron
174) How much are your peaches and cream crushed rocks for about 10mtrs please.
Sunshine Coast
175) Hi, Just wanting a quote on some sandstone blocks. Needing 20 blocks in either 500x500x1000 or preferably 400x600x1000 in premium b grade or a grade (5 sawn sides) depending on price difference. If you could let me know on a price of these delivered to Fernvale that would be greatly appreciated
176) I am interested in your sandstone cladding product to used a driveway entry. Please advise price per piece or sq and delivery cost to Kallangur. Please. Also advise suitable substrates and adhesive methods.
177) Quote for approx 13 metre of B grade sandstone retaining wall by approx 80 cm in height. Depending of the height of the stones.
Pelican Waters
178) Price of boulders.
Regency Downs
179) Can pebbles be purchased in 30 litre bags?
Greenford St
180) Just let me know how many rocks 400 to 800mm size come in a 12 tonne load ( approx of course ) and cost as well
181) What’s your best price to deliver 12 tonnes of bush rocks (400mm) to Highland Park?
Highland Park
182) Seeking quote on purchase, delivery and placement of large rock approx 1.5m as front garden Centre piece. Open to recommendaions on type of stone.
Springfield Lakes
183) Just wondering if you can please provide a price per m2 for sandstone crazy pavers.
184) Can you give me a price on the following in Sandstone
300 X 300 X 780 mm x 2 smooth finish with each end parrelel as they are for a table
Can price include delivery on pallet to narangba, or I can pick up
185) Price for basalt black stone size 200-400mm & 400-800 mm per cubic meter
Northern Rivers
186) We are looking for a quote for some aspects of our new garden design; we have a garden landscaping plan. Sandstone Raised Garden, orchard edging, garden edging, rough seating, paving, garden stepping stone.
Beachmere Queensland
187) I am looking at options to cover a small levy bank wall, possible the natural manhandables as there is limited machinery access. Can you provide pricing for covering around 30 square metres up to 50 please?
Mount Crosby
188) Interested in sandstone tiles, where is your Sunshine Coast location? Wanting to have a look at colours etc. Thanks
Marcus Beach
189) Can you supply a price list on all your items so I can work out what Sandstone items we will be using
Kensington Grove
190) Hello I was hoping to get a quote for approximately 6-8 irregular shape stepping stone both sizes from your web site. Thank you kindly
191) I would like a quote on manhandables to approx 20m about 1-2high and part of this 20m we will need it a little higher.
Greenwich Street
192) Hi I’m looking for sandstone blocks 600 long x 150 high x 100 width x 40 blocks
193) Hi, Can you please provide a quote (including delivery and placement) for one level of sandstone boulders (either B or A grade) to cover a 10m width? I don’t want the boulders to look perfect, rather the rectangle shape with some natural imperfections.
Camp Hill
194) Hi, are you able to make a tiki head inspired mailbox for a residential address?
195) Need a retainer wall from 10 meter long and +/- one meter high
Watson Road
196) I need about 6 linear M of bush rocks so I can step my garden bed and edge it. rocks need to be man handable @ 200mm -300mm, can you help and at what price.
Edens Landing
197) Hi I am in the process of creating a pathway around my home approximately 30m long and interested in the stepping stones 400 x 400 x 40mm irregular shaped. Would you be able to let me know the price of those stepping stones. Also I am after a price for the sandstone natural cut manhandables.
198) Enquiring on the price of the sandstone split faced garden edging and the diamond sawn garden edging . Thanks.
199) Hi there, after a price on your garden edge blocks please.all sizes would be good
200) Just want to know the price for a sandstone letter box and seat please
Regents Park
201) Building a retaining wall
202) We are looking for rocks for garden tree ,please let me your store address
Street Capalaba
203) What is the price of your crazy pave ?
Gold Coast
204) Hi, interested in a getting a quote for 2 cubic metres of your Basalt Tumbled Size: 20 – 40mm delievered to our address in Rochedale South and if that would doable next Mondayafternoon?
Rochedale South
205) I would like a price for a sandstone seat as per your picture with 2 uprights and the bench seat
206) How much is the sandstone edging and block size?
207) Hi wanting to repave our patio it is 12x6m with sand stone pavers on top of sand or crusher dust
208) Hi, I’m looking to build a sandstone retaining wall/seating area for a Fire Pit located at a school camp setting. We have approximately 55m of retaining required. Can you please provide a price for the supply of A-grade and B-grade sandstone blocks in the following sizes: 400 x 400 x 1000 500 x 250 x 1000 Thanks
Camp Warrawee
209) I am just starting out a new landscaping project, and was interested in a quote on 10 stepping stones. 6 x 400 x400 irregegular shape. And 4 500 x500? Thanks
Eight Mile Plains
210) Quote for Sandstone Blocks
Crosby Road
211) 2 x B GRADE SANDSTONE BLOCKS 400×1000 – 1100mm Delivered
212) Interested in Sandstone pavers
Rural View
213) Hi There, I am after a quote for a retaining wall we are looking at building.
St Bardon
214) Sandstone Blocks quote
Facer Road
215) Hi, can you answer a couple of questions please; roughly what kind of cubic metres would 15 tonne of rocks be? Can we order (for example) 12 tonne of 200-400 and 5 tonne of 400-800? What would delivery be of 15-17 tonne to Ashgrove?
216) Pricing for 110×110 x 500 to 600. Stone blocks ( apron 60 Lin M )
217) 40 sq m sandstone pavers and or crazy pavers quote
Deebing Heights
218) I need 40 hammered random boulders 300 x 400mm
Waterworks Road The Gap
219) Inquiry re price for 70metre of sandstone pavers 30mm thick. Also want to compare to 20mm price as considering cement base versus current sand base. Third do you do pool copping? If possible price for 18 LM please?
Mount Ommaney
220) Do you have any technical details for soil stabilization for walls over 1000 high? I need to dry stack a boundary wall 1600 high with no surcharge loads and no heavy machinery access?
221) Hi, weighLooking for a weight stone cladding around 20-25m2 delivered to Hope Island.Could you please, provide with a quote?
Hope Island
222) Could you please supply pricing for the Wheel Sawn A grade blocks. I would like pricing on all sizes. We are looking at doing a large retaining wall. Thanks
223) Iam looking for sandstone blocks, 500X400, approx 20Sq face Mts delivered to Bli Bli Sunshine coast.Please advise.Thankyou
Bli Bli
224) Can you please tell me the cost of the 400x400x1000 B Grade Premium Blocks – 5 sawn sided
Sunshine Coast
225) Hi, we are looking at doing a patio and firepit area in sandstone pavers and was wondering if we could get a price list emailed to us please. Cheers
Hatton Vale
226) What is the price of the cheapest sandstone blocks1000mm*1100mm*400mm?
Gold Coast
227) Please call me about a retaining wall I need to be built. approx 20m in length, ranging from 1m to 2m in height
228) I would like a sandstone step, about 300 deep, 200 high, and roughly 800 in width, please let me know the approximate cost, and whether you deliver to West End in Brisbane. Otherwise, do you have anything similar in stock.
Boomerang Rd
229) Single wall 18 meters long X 200mm wide, It will be one continuous wall, width can be whatever will be pleasing to the eye. It will be next to Hardwood decking, your ideas appreciated.
230) What product would you recommend for a sandy base covering and area of 72 sp Mtrs. This will be a partially covered area outdoors. I would also like to create a single sandstone wall/step 18 meters long X 200mm high in one continuous line. Width can be whatever will look best.
231) Hi can I please have a quote for a delivery to centenary of 12 tonnes of your 200-400mm rocks
232) I’m interested in the manhandable sandstone. How much would 4 m3 be delivered.
Gold Coast
233) Looking for hammered sandstone manhandables to build single layer wall – approx 20 m in length
Caloundra West
234) Do you sell Natural sawn Bluestone Pavers. 1000x500x20mm. We need 6 of them
235) Quote for 100 dingo size sandstone blocks
236) I am enquiring about purchasing blocks to use as seating (I’m guessing A grade blocks) around a backyard fire pit area. The area is about 4x3m and we are wanting to seat 2 sides in an L shape. Probably 5 blocks.
Are you able to provide an approximate cost including the possibility of delivery to Wellington Point 4160.
Wellington Point
237) Quote for 6 x sandstone wheel sawn steps please
Enoggera Qld
238) Hi, interested in the sandstone split faced garden wall 200 x 150 x random. I need about 10 lineal metres. Can you advise minimum order and cost please.
Fig Tree Pocket
239) Hi, I’m looking a price for 500*1000 B grade sandstone blocks. Per unit and possible discount for a larger order.
Barellan Point
240) Hi, my family does exporting of sandstones to China, we have been dealing with a few suppliers in Helidon and Sydney, however currently we have received a big order of approx 150 containers of either A or B grade blocks, can you contact me to discuss whether you will be able to supply this amount and what send me a few pictures to show me the quality of your rocks including any special colouring or patterns? Thanks.
241) Hi I was after your most competitive price on 80 x 500x500x1000 sandstone blocks delivered to the above address.Can I please get a price for premium B grade and A grade blocks.
Eatons Hill
242) Appreciate advise cost supply/deliver ‘natural manhandleables’ sandstone 200-300mm please – do you sell per m3?
Tanah Merah
243) After a price on your wheel sawn B grade premium – 5 sawn sided please.
Burleigh Waters
244) Request price for QTY 30 B grade premium blocks in the 600 x 1000 – 1100mm (approx.): 900kg
Upper Brookfield
245) Just inquiring on a price per block delivered looking at retaining a 10 meter section one block high
Pelican Waters
246) We would like to have some “B” grade 300-400mm blocks to use as seating for students waiting to be collected in the afternoon.
247) Hello, I would like a price sandstone steps. 1mx500x180 rough look. Approx 10, if possible some with a taper for a curve in the path.
Bribie Island
248) We are doing a project in Buccan 4207 which requires sandstone walls. Can you please supply us with an indication of price on the A grade blocks on both the 400mm and 500mm sizing including how many we can get per load and delivery costs. Also interested in doing sandstone brick garden edges so an indication on pricing there too would be great.
249) I would like to purchase a standard size sandstone letterbox with a newspaper hole. Can you please send price and if delivery is available please.
250) Hi, I am looking into options for a retaining wall in our back yard. Wall will be approx. 14mts long and will go from around 500mm high to 1500mm high to allow for leveling of back yard.
251) Please quote price on B-Grade and B-Grade Premium Block sizes 400, 500 & 600 also what delivery charge is to Maleny.
252) Could you please provide me with a quote to supply 75 m2 face of blocks at 500mm x 500mm x 1000mm (150 blocks) to be delivered to Kureelpa on the Sunshine Coast
253) I would like to get quote for retaining wall
Gold Coast
254) What price for 8 Bush Rocks – 400mm to 800mm?
Shailer Park
255) I was after diamond cut 1/1500 x 500 x 180 1/1000×500 x 180. 3/ Blocks A grade sawn 500 x 500 x 1000 Can we pick up ,and what is the colour range options.
256) Just wanting to enquire how much it would be to order a sculpture for a school in north brisbane. The sculpture would have the following prayer engraved on it “Gracious and Holy Father Give us wisdom to perceive you Intelligence to understand you Diligence to see you Patience to wait for you Eyes to behold you A heart to meditate on you And a life to proclaim you Through the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ Our Lord Amen” and would ideally be a rectsngle 1500mm in length, 500mm in width and 100-150 ml in depth”
Mango Hill
257) I need 46 sq/m of 30mm thick pavers and 22linel m of sandstone garden edging
258) Wheel Sawn B Grade Premium Blocks – 5 sawn sided,,, 40 meters x2, Redland bay
German Church Road
259) I wish to replace an overgrown earth battered wall at the back of my shed with something that has no maintenance required (or very little) and the sandstone blocks have been recommended to me. The cutting is about fifty metres long and four plus metres high. What would you recommend as my cheapest option?
260) I am interested in a Small Retaining wall /Garden edge solution
261) Hi, I was after a quote for split faced garden edging for about 40 linear meters delivered please. The size I would be after would be 180×150.
Upper Coomera
262) We are wanting to build retaining wall in a couple of months and wanted to get a quote for enough random boulders that would build a 1m high and 80 metre long wall.
263) Quote for Sandstone Blocks
264) Wanting to buy 400 to 600 mm sandstone boulders
Karana Downs
265) Hi there, how much is your 20-40mm tumbled sandstone?
266) 75m2 of 40mm 400×400 sandstone paver.
267) Price on a sandstone block 1800x1100x400 wheel sawn B grade premium block
Sunshine Coast
268) Hi, after a plain cut/dawn block letterbox with A4 size slot/box with number 11 on front. Do you have any in stock and if so please advise price delivered thanks
Ashgrove Qld
269) Prices to Mudgeraba Gold Coast for random size rock / boulders
270) 20 m2 of 75-150mm rock to be used in gabion baskets delivered to Gumdale
271) Hi team, We would like to obtain a price diamond sawn sandstone, 40 mm sandstone for pool coping and 20 mm sandstone for general areas.
29 sqm in 40 mm, 92 sqm in 20 mm
We also need approx. 20 lineal metres of bullnose pool coping (inclusive of the 29 sqm)
These measurements may increase.
Caringbah South
272) I would like to get a price for garden edging delivered to Tweed Heads
Panorama Drive
273) Hi, I’m chasing a small amount of sandstone pavers (only about 8m2) for a path. I’d prefer rectangle in shape & as small as possible if you got a few options. I’d also require delivery.
274) I have a project I am working on and was wondering what large size rocks you can source and what price they would be? I am thinking 1.5-2m in height.
275) I work at a school in Caboolture and we are looking at getting sandstone seating around some of our trees. Can you please give me information on pricing, delivery and placement of the sandstone blocks.
276) Need a quote to remove large sandstone block steps and replace with more user friendly ones. I can send photos
277) Would you please quote on a pallete of sandstone crazy pavers 30mm and also roughly what sq meterage is on pallette?
278) Quote for Sandstone Blocks, please.
279) 50 sandstone 400 x 400 x 1000 I think it is the A 5 cut need a price delivered
280) I’m looking to build a retaining wall, length is 16m, height 1m and I like the idea of the B-grade blocks. My thoughts were 32 of the b-grade, 500 x 1000 (900kg) blocks. Delivery location would be Sheldon. I’m not in any particular hurry either.
281) Diamond sawn, six sawn side bevelled look like photo garden edging 25 lineal metres. 180 x 150 x 500. Thanks
Woody Point
282) Hi, just chasing quotes for installation of a sandstone retaining wall. 1m high 30m long, stairs on a corner. Front, corner block great access. Will require leveling, drainage, pipe, install and backfill. I like the random lrg boulder look but might be interested in blocks 500x500x1000 bgrade is fine. I am yet to get organise fill.
283) Hi, need a quote to supply 25 x 600mm rocks and 3 cubic metre of 400mm rocks. I need the exact size for the 25 separate 600mm rocks to complete a wall.
Upper Kedron
284) Can you please quote me on 10 pavers 800mm x 400mm x 20mm or 30mm ( will sit in existing concrete steps so am assuming 20mm thick would be suitable.
Hansen Rd
285) I want to buy about 40 sandstone rocks to edge a garden bed. They need to be about 30 – 40 cm irregular shaped stones which are of varying tones of cream sand and orange – red colours.
East Brisbane
286) Hi, we are currently finalizing a pool project, and need to find rocks to link our pool area to a natural creek in our backyard. We are looking for natural bush rocks of varying sizes, with probably 1 big rock (1.2m diameter), some mid size (600mm) and more in the small size (200 to 400). Having not ordered rocks before I was not sure of how selective I can be in a load and how much they would cost, so any guidance would be appreciated! Anticipated installation time would be late July / August at this stage.
Baileys Road
287) Please call ASAP re Gabian Cush. 9 cubic metres.
Eatons Hill
288) Building garden retaining walls between 200 and 400 mm high. Need about 130 rocks working on 200 – 400mm. Thinking of using hammered man handa.
289) Just after b grade blocks for a wall 170 metres
290) 28 tonne
291) Hi, We are in the planning stage for building a new house and I’d like to get a little info from you to help our planning. We’d like to use some sandstone tiles fixed to blueboard as a feature external cladding for a couple walls. Do the tiles come in 15mm thickness or 19mm? What adhesive product do you recommend for fixing the tiles to blueboard remembering that it is for external cladding?
292) Hi , just after a price for rocks or boulders for an 8 MTR long by 1.2mtr high retaining wall.
Eden’s Landing
293) How much will it cost for supply of 8 sandstone blocks and delivery?
294) Hi I’d like a quote on sandstone B grade premium blocks 500x500x1000 delivered to my addresses.
295) Need a quote for Sandstone Steps
296) Hi I am seeking a price on Natural Manhandables sandstone boulders including delivery.
297) How much is the coast of Sandstone retaining wall ?
298) Hello, after 12 of your B-Grade Premium 500x500x1.0 blocks delivered to Chuwar /Karralee can you give me a quote thanks
299) Looking for quote on a truck load of Bush Rocks 100-600 in size
300) 2 truck and loads delivered 600/600/1000mm Bgrade Plus
301) Need a quote on a load of blocks to Gaven.
Castle hill
302) Quote for Sandstone Pavers and Tiles.
303) Please contact me about Sandstone pricing for pool coping and sandstone for our upcoming pool and backyard reno project. I really love your products! We are in Brisbane.
304) Hi there, can you please give me a price for standard size mailbox similar to one shown above with the rough edge( with number 7 on it) Would like quote without newspaper hole or number please.
Everton Hills
305) Looking for price for 2 cubic meters of 200-400mm bush rock.
Samford Valley
306) Need some sandstone for retaining wall – please provide me a quote for different grades delivered to seventeen mile rocks – Please quote for construction if you execute as well.
Casuarina Street
307) Good morning, I was after a quote for 100 A Grade 6 sided fully sawn sandstone blocks, to be delivered and dropped on location at Boowaggan Road.
308) Quote for sandstone Pavers and Tiles
Dutton Park
309) Hi I was looking for around 38 B grade blocks 500×1000 delivered?
Bli Bli
310) I have a wall to build 50mts×1200 B grade i think would be fine
Sunshine coast
311) Buy/deliver 14 x A Grade 400 x 1000 – 1100mm (approx.) 400kg
Little Mountain
312) Please send prices for rock supply for garden bed edging
313) I am looking for some sandstone crazy paving (20mm). No response to phone message left.
Ferny Grove
314) Price of tumbled sandstone.
315) Hi, I’m after some rocks that would be a suitable size for a driveway border
Logan Village
316) I require a price on the 200-300 sandstone rocks approx. 10 cubic mtres delivered to Petrie
317) Thank you for getting back to me regarding the sandstone rocks. we would like to go with the natural manhandables. Is there any discount for ordering 25 tonn? Or would it be the same $900 x 2 for the one load? And when would you be able to deliver?
318) Please provide a per sqm rate for Clancy Sandstone cladding
319) Quote for sandstone blocks
320) Could you please advise how many 400 x 400 x 1000 B+ grade blocks will fit into body truck and a quote to be delivered to my address? Please note a truck and dog will not fit up the driveway.
Upper Brookfield
321) Hi I was after prices for stepping stones. Just looking at prices for both sizes you have. We probably only need 7-10. Thank you for your help.
Grevilla Street, Plainland
322) How much would cost a 4T of the 20m White Ash delivered?
Bridgeman Downs
323) Hi, just after a price on sandstone steps they need to be smooth cut on all six sides. I need 6 blocks measuring 60cm wide x 45cm deep x 10cm thick.
324) Looking for a price on 9 x 400 – 800mm (preferably 600mm+) and 9 x 800 – 1200mm basalt bush rocks delivered to Pullenvale, Brisbane if possible. Also wondering what a rough weight would be for the bigger pieces.
325) Hi I’m after a price for the following plus delivery , 32x500x500 a grade sandstone blocks , 30 x 600×600 a grade sandstone blocks.
326) Looking for a quote on sandstone blocks to Redlands.
327) Looking for blocks for a retaining wall 27mtrs long, ranging in depth 1-3 mtrs
Atkinson Rd
328) Request of quote for 50 pieces 500x500x600 sandstone boulders, supply and deliver to Kelve Grove
Kelve Grove
329) Hi, I am looking to build a rock retaining wall that has 30m2 of face and need a quote for supply of sandstone in a size they can be moved without a machine. Thanks.
Arana Hills
330) Hi looking for a quote on Sandstone Pavers & Tiles.
331) Would like about 20 granite rocks around 30-50 cm how much would this cost.
332) Looking for garden edging, needing 50m length. Doesn’t need to be large, just to separate mulch from gravel path. Would need price to include delivery fee to Ipswich.
333) Can I get the cost for a Sandstone heavy vein 800X 800X20? Need around 80 M2.
Sunshine Coast
334) Could you please send me a quote for a rustic sandstone block mailbox with newspaper hole with the numbers 183 on it and the word Kingsgrove in script writing.
335) Please advise cost of a truck load of sandstone blocks 1 metre x 600 x 600.
336) Hi, just chasing a price on your b grade premium and a grade sand stone blocks as supply only if possible.
337) I would like a quote for B grade blocks delivery to Northern sunshine coast . Truck and dog full please . Do you tip them out ? would my 3.5ton excavator manage them?
Hideaway Lane
338) Hi what prices and sizes do the sandstone steps come in please.
Carneys Creek
339) Could you send me a quote for Sandstone blocks 500x500x1000 B Grade and B grade premium delivered to Fernvale?
340) Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in bush rocks I need removed from my place?
341) Hi, just after one step. Wheel sawn price and the price of the diamond Sawn 1200 please. Is there a Sunshine Coast supplier of your product? Please email response in preference to phone.
342) Cost to supply to peregian Beach-Diamond cut steps-4 x 1200x500x180, diamond cut pavers 30 x 1200x600x40mm.
Peregian Beach
343) Hi, can I get a quote for some sandstone slabs in the following sizes: 8 of 1500mm x 800mm x 40mm 3 of 1500mm x 500mm x 40mm plus delivery to Kenmore.
344) Quote for 300mm-600mm natural or hammered random boulders random lengths 12Tonne.
345) Hi I am looking at retaining using the sawn blocks.
Gold Coast
346) Hi, looking for a quote for a sandstone retaining wall for a garden. Looking for quotes for up to 1m high and 14 meters long. Also wondering what the costs are for installation.
347) Please quote for 12 tonne of bush rocks … small size
348) To whom in may concern, Just inquiring about some sandstone blocks for a rock retaining wall 1.2m high x 18m long
349) Please can you quote to deliver 50 x B Grade Premium Sandstone Blocks (1000mm x 500mm x 500mm). Delivered to Tamborine.
350) Hi we needing 13 linear metres of sandstone capping cut to preferably about 240mm wide any length approx 39mm thick. Would you be able to source this for us and get back to me with a price.
351) Can I please get an email quote on 14tonne of natural and hammered boulders in excavator size. Thanks.
Mt Ommaney
352) I would like a quote for sandstone blocks for a retaining wall. Pick up or delivered. Thanks. Approximately 80 lm. Cheers.
353) Hi, we are after B Grade Plus/Premium, 500 x 500 x 1000mm blocks. Prefer blocks with differing patterns and colours, lines, swirling etc. We need 134 blocks but would like extras for breakage etc, so thinking of 4 truck and dogs worth (~160 blocks?). Delivery is Kholo, near Lake Manchester, about 15kms off the Warrego Highway. Is it possible to have the delivery spread over 3 or 4 days? And how much lead time is needed to arrange delivery?
354) I am looking for low cost materials to terrace a gentle slope. Can you tell me the cost of your (beer carton size) manhandables?
Albany Creek
355) Hi – can you please provide a price for 25x b grade premium blocks delivered to Everton park.
Everton Park
356) Where in Brisbane are you located?
Cosby Place
357) Quote for Sandstone steps
358) 30mt long, 1 mt high, boulder retaining wall. To replace timber one. The approx price to do job, and when can you start.
359) Hi – hoping to get a quote for Queensland sandstone
360) Hi, I just wanted to get a price on your 400mm natural stepping stones and whether you had any in stock?
361) Needing 15 x B Grade Premium 5 sawn sided Blocks to heighten an existing sanstone retaining wall.
362) Hi. I am after a sandstone hearth for a fireplace. Needs to be 980 x 980 with bullnose 3 sides. If i cant get 1 piece i am happy to join them. Can you please give me a price for the sandstone required?
Chermside West
363) We are looking for sandstone steps. Either the 1100*500*250 (4 off) or 1200*500*180 (5 off) depending what is available.
We would like wheel sawn steps. Can you please advice what the cost would be please?
364) Hi, I’m chasing a price on 30mm pavers and garden wall size blocks 250×100 or there abouts, needing around 60sqm, B grade.
Barellan Point
365) Hi, I need a quote for 20 x 400x400x40mm irregular sandstone stepping stones.
Bishop Court
366) Looking for a few items pavers to lay on sand 400x400or500x500 or your std size,garden edging 100/150w by 20/30 thick random lengths but the longer the better;also steps for a wide area of stair s +- 4000wide x3000 high so ideally 2000long by 250wx150high pieces or nearest std size and blocks for a retaining garden bed wall 400high.
367) Hi could you provide a price for 2 diamond cut steps at 1200 and also for your tumbled peaches and cream pebbles. Delivered to western suburbs of Brisbane.
Western Suburbs of Brisbane
368) Steps 5@1500x500x180 price and availability.
Sunshine Coast
369) Quote for sandstone block and boulder around 60 sq meters
370) Can you please quote me for the saw cut stairs delivered to north Gold Coast. 500 x 500 x 180. 4 of these.
371) Hi just building a house and we need some retaining walls we like the look for sand stone blocks.
372) Please quote on 4m2 of 400 x 400 x 40mm sandstone stepping stones (irregular shape), including dleivery to Camp Hill
Camp Hill
373) Hi, could you please quote me on 2 things, since we arent sure which we want to do yet. We are looking to do a wall 1 metre high, 20 metres long in either B grade (2-4 sides), or a hammered random boulder wall in the same size. If it is the right price, we may do a second wall the same size. Could you also please quote me on steps about 10m long
374) Making enquiries for my Daughter’s building at Harrisville Qld.
375) 400-800mm bush rocks delivered to above address, can you please provide quote and availability?
376) Hi there after a quote on bush rocks (800-1200). Need approximately 15-20. Are you able to advise the approx weight of each stone and whether they can be rolled in to place by multiple persons?
377) Hi, just wondering what 1 tonne of black pebbles would be.
378)Looking for quote for some sandstone blocks for a retaining wall and some 1m x 500 x180 steps. only a small job with limited access so block weight is an issue
379) Would like to know price of sandstone steps and cost of delivery.
380) Do you have a current price list on sandstone manhandables through to bobcat sized rocks. Also B Grade wheel sawn sandstone blocks. Variety of landscapong projects and retainers being planned on my average block.
381) Requesting prices on random hammered manhandables including delivery per tonne please to above address. Thank you
382) Need a sandstone block to use as retaining wall/fence on front facade.
North Lakes
383) I need rock 42 in picture 30 pieces and delivered. Can you tell me price?
384) Hi , in approx two months time we will need ot construct a retaining wall 90m long x 1.5m high. Can you please provide a quotation to supply enough rock for us toncintrcut this wall. We have our own excavator with a rock grab on it.
385) A rock wall about 10 meters long by 1200mm high.
386) Can i please have a quote for a retaining wall with the height of 1.2m, one side being 9m long and other side being 14m long. Ive worked out with stepping the blocks down at the end of each layer there will be approx 60 blocks of 400x400x1000. B grade 5 side cut please.
387) Can i please have a quote for an L shaped retaining wall. 1st wall being 9.2 x 1.4m and 2nd wall being 14.1m x 1.4m
388) A grade blocks and letterbox quote
389) Looking for 4and half sq. metres of natural sandstone tiles 300 sqx15ml for repair job on outside deck
Kangaroo Point
390) Hi there I’m looking for sandstone steppers 1.5m long, 400mm wide and 200mm thick.
391) Hello i would like to do a block that will be 50 meters long x 1 meter high can you give me a delivered price
Horton place
392) Would like some prices for sandstone letterbox please prefer the cheaper option
393) l’m making a flood levey around my house and l want it to look good. Sandstone blocks for one side because we can see them, approximately 6 blocks 1200 x 600 x 600, could you tell me how much per block please.
Logan Village
394) Hi, Can you confirm if you can supply and install 7 sandstone steps approx 2 m wide and additional details can be provided as required?
Cedar Creek
395)Installing a combustion fire and would like a sandstone Hearth, corner position will be odd shape
396) I’d like to get an idea of the costs for sandstone split-face garden edging. Could you please advise the price per lineal meter for 200 x100 -110 and 250 x 100-110. I would be looking at around 27LM
Ferny Hills
397) Hello I am looking for some rough blocks of sandstone 400x400x500 or similar size delivered to Eatons Hill 4037
I am looking at about 15 Blocks B Grade
Eatons hill
398) Price on 130 400×400 premium B blocks deliverd to Kenmore
399) I’m after a price on the wheel sawn B grade premium blocks, the wall I need them for is only going to be .5m H x 26m L, so I’m guessing that would mean I’d be after 26 x 500mm x 500mm x 1000mm blocks. Also do you deliver? If so can you please quote for delivery as well.
400) Please can I have a price for crazy paving for approx 15 Sam area. The lightest colour.
Runaway Bay
401) Price to supply sandstone block for retaining wall at the above address. Area required to cover is 1100m/2. If you have different grades please provide a price for all.
Pinkenba Qld
402) Hi, Could you please provide a quote to purchase and install a sandstone block retaining wall. The wall will use 400x400x1m blocks and be 1 block high and 30m long. Can you please quote cost of blocks and installation separately. Note that the ground will be pre-prepared and all that is required is laying of the blocks. For the blocks please provide 3 seperate quotes for: B grade premium; A grade and; A Grade precision cut. Also we’re interested in 1mx300x40mm sandstone stepping stones. Can you supply these? If so at what cost?
Camp Hill
403) I am trying to find a 1700x700x550 stone bath/composite in the Brisbane area. Do you have any in stock, Sunshine Coast is even better.
Sunshine Coast
404) Hi, after a price for a single wheel-sawn step for a client’s garden. We can pick up from the yard if necessary.
405)Looking for quote for 6x diamond sawn threads with dimensions 1.4m x 500 x 180. And 24 B premium blocks of sandstone(1mx500x500).
South Ripley
406) Hi Guys I’m just after a quote for 16m or splitfaced sandstone garden edging.
Taperell Drive
407) Requiring a quote on 30 lineal metres of wire cut or split faced sandstone garden edging 300mm x 200mm x 200mm
408) Hi, I’m looking for rock edging for a garden. Small rocks, your 200-400mm would be fine. Just wanting to know how they are sold (lineal metre or cubic), and a price. Thanks very much.
409) We need to get repaired a section of the fence that is 300cm x 135 cm x 10cm. The section has 25 sandstone blocks. 50% of the blocks and capping are in good shape. 50% may need replacing. Fence is Made up of 66 cm x 24 cm x 10cm sandstone bricks.
Gold Coast
410) Hi Guys, I have a client looking for a sawn but rustic sandstone bench as a gift for their friend. We’re imagining about 500mm high x 500mm wide and between 1500mm and 1800mm in length.. do you have anything like that in stock? what is an approximate cost please?
411) Good morning, I am quoteing on a job for bundaberg council. can you please provide a quote for wheel sawn A Grade sandstone blocks 6 sawn sided, 500mm x 500mm x 1000-1100mm require 35 blocks in total including delivery to Bundaberg.
412) Hi… what is the cost of the Dingo size blocks delivered to Capalaba?
413) Need a price for 62 B grade sandstone blocks delivered. 1000×500 in dimensions. Will need 2 trucks to do the job as I have a sloping driveway.
Kangaroo Valley
414) Can you please give me price for Sandstone tumbled 20-40, Basalt Tumbled and Charcoal Black pebbles?
415) Please provide price to supply and deliver wheel sawn sandstone – both grade options , thanks
416) Can you please quote me Himalayan sandstone pier caps (350 X 350). I need 8 urgently looking for something simple, would appreciate few design options. Price, availability and delivery charge required.
Manly West
417) We are looking for rock for two purpose: 1. Rocks for gabions (range size 100-200mm)– 200 m3 2. Rocks for retaining wall (range size 300-1000mm)–100m3 How much does each position cost? How much will delivery cost?
Willow Vale
418) I wish to buy split edge or sawn sandstone garden edge 180 X 100. Quantity 20 linear meters or do you have a minimum which is greater than this?. How much does delivery cost and how do you unload – tip or forklift a pallet? We have a battle-axe block with a long narrow driveway. The only place to tip is on our driveway which would then block our access to and from the house. Is there a depot in Brisbane where we could pick up the stone in our trailer. Our trailer will carry 500Kg at a time which should be about 11 meters.
419) Could a Rep please contact me
420) Please price 10cbm of 800-1200mm Bush rock to Coopers Plains
Coopers Plains
421) Hi id like a quote for 25 sandstone blocks. Preferably b grade. And delivery to Keppera
422) G’day wondering how much it’d cost me for 95 600x600x1000 b grade sand stone blocks delivered.
New Beith
423) Hi, could you price me 120 sandstone blocks in Both B grade and B grade premium please. Size 500 x 1000 delivered to Cedar vale.
Cedar Vale
424) Chasing a price on B grade b grade premium boulders to build a retaining wall 55m long by 1m high
New Beith
425) We are after sandstone blocks roughly, 500 x 500 x 1 metre. We require roughly 36 blocks. could you please provide a quote.
Wedgebill Court
426) Would you give me a quote for 4 sq metres of sandstone cladding cut to various sizes for a low dry wall?
Alexandra Hills
427) I am from the Landsborough p and c and we are trying to building a outdoor class room and require a quote for 10 B Grade Premium Blocks – 400x400x1000 delivered
428) HI, I’m looking for about 20 300×300 sandstone pavers. Can you please tell me how much they would cost? Thanks very much
429) Good morning, I would like to get a quote for 8 cubic metres of 20-40mm tumbled sandstone delivered to Ashgrove for use on a driveway. Thanks
430) Would like a price on delivered truck and trailer of both B grade and premium B grade blocks. 400 ones.
431) Hi Can you please provide me with a quote for 50 Sqfacem of B grade blocks delivered to Mt Ommaney.
Mt Ommaney
432) Can we get a price please for a truck and dog of 400mm b grade blocks please delivered to Barellen Point. Can we get a price for 500mm to please
Barellan Point
433) Just after a quote on blocks for a fire pit, no need to be fancy.
434) Hello, I’m after a quote for 21sqm of sandstone tiles.
435) Quote for Sandstone Boulders
436) Hi, I am wondering if you would supply a very small order. I am wanting two sandstone blocks 600×1000 approx. cut on 5 sides. I only want these blocks for our very small back yard for a seat. If you would supply and deliver do you have a bobcat or similar as the smallest opening is 1500 but could be stretched to 1800. My husband thinks the weight would crack tiles etc to put them in place, and if this is a possibility I wouldn’t continue with this idea. If it is possible what would be the cost. I think looking at your products that it would be B Grade Premium blocks. I would want the natural golden colour.
437) Hi. Is the Toowoomba quarry open on weekends and if so, do they have sandstone cladding available?
438) Looking for sandstone pavers
439) Looking for Sandstone bricks
440) Quote for retaining wall
441)) I want a quote for 14m2 of retaining wall blocks and 2 x steps @ 2mts high
442) Looking @ 6.2cubic meters of driveway gravel,cost if you do a delivery please
Manly West
443) Hi we are a nursery and landscape yard in Hervey Bay looking to stock sandstone rocks and blocks do you wholesale cheers
444) I’m looking for a quote for approx. 60 sandstone retaining wall block’s.
Could I get 2 separate quotes 1 for B grade premium & one for A grade 500 x 500 x 1100.
How much is delivery & is it delivered i.e. tipper or crane?
Also how much is a standard mailbox with no extras.
445) : Quote for 20 sandstone pavers 600x600x30 and 2 x 1.5m diamond cut steps delivered to the gap
The gap
446) Hi guys I’m after a quote for 300kg of white ash pebbles and keen to look at the cost of this with and without delivery to Reedy Creek. Can you please let me know costs when you can.
Reedy Creek
447) Hi I’m after about 30sqm of crazy paving around 20mm thick. How would I go about viewing the colours I am able to purchase Do you have a yard I can come and select the pavers?
Hi can I have a quote for 1m3 of white ash 20-40mm delivered to 4051 (grange) please.
449) I’m looking at doing a 15 metre retaining wall. Needs to be 1 metre high. Can you give the an approx price plus delivery also do you have installers
Mt Tamborine
450) Looking for a price on appx 12m of the 600x600x1.0m sandstone retaining blocks delivered to Lowood. A or B grade ok.
451) Hi, Looking fopr a 1200x1200x20mm slab or 2 pieces 600×600 x 20mm in sandstone. lighter colouring would be great.
Manly West
452) Quote for retaining wall
453) A grade premium saw cut (500 x500 x 1000 ) x 100 blocks – supply, install single row easy access
454) Just after a price for ALL of your sandstone B, B premium, A and Dimensional sawn blocks
455) Gday im after a quote on 70 lineal metres of hammered manhandables delivered to pacific pines? Thanks
Onslow street
456) I need 21 m2 of 30mm sandstone paving. I would like to know what are the standard size avers you supply and the cost please to be delivered to Kedron Brisbane
457) I would like to attach the sandstone cladding to a masonary wall, and to a giprock dry wall.The look I’m try to create is a cellar quarried out from sandstone
Raby Bay
458) Retaining wall 20m by 2.1m
459) Hi, could I please have a quote for: 38 B Grade premium 500x500x1m sandstone blocks. Or if you delivery by the truckload. Plus 2 Wheel sawn steps. Also a comparison quote on hammered manhandable instead of the blocks
Lind Avenue
460) Request a quote for an 1500x500x180 step.
Redland Bay
461)Hi, I’m looking for 11 of the Natural and Hammered Random Boulders of the excavator size delivered on 30th of May. If that is possible, how much would it cost?
The Gap
462) Price of 400x400x1000 and 500x500x1000 both A and B premium sandblock delover to Forestdale
463) Can I get a price for the Western Red Washed Pebbles per m3? Additionally, what is the deliveryprice to Wishart?
464) Hello! I am just after a quote for insurance for a new letterbox. Standard size with the number, the metal insert and installation please. Thank you!
465) Hi, how much would 30 sqm cost in crazy, In a mixture of 400-100 sq.
466) I am looking to build a natural stone retaining wall. How much would 12 tonnes of Basalt (200 – 400mm) cost to deliver to Woodhill
467) Hey guys just chasing some b grade 1000x500x500 sand stone blocks plus delivery to figtree pocket. Thanks
Northridge st
468) Sandstone blocks needed
Phoebe rise
469) I would like a quote to supply enough sandstone paving slabs to do 16 sq metres please

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    From the time I rang Brisbane Rock Sales to get some names for quotes to do this sandstone wall to completion, I could not have been happier with the whole process. The price came in as a reasonable amount of money after I had received quotes to get the wooden retaining wall replaced, the stones came in a lot cheaper. We couldn’t be happier with the end product and we were very impressed with the professionalism shown. Thank you for making the process less stressful and creating such a pleasing result.

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    Just letting you know I was happy with your service and quality of Sandstone also the lady who delivered the stone could not have been more helpful. My sincere thanks.

    Mark Isaac – Isaac Earthworks

    The quality of the sandstone blocks that Brisbane Rock Sales supplied for us were stunning. The blocks were built into a beautiful retaining wall at the front of our property. Thank you Brisbane Rock Sales for the friendly service and hassle free delivery of these beautiful blocks.

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    We would not hesitate to recommend Brisbane Rock Sales to anyone considering sandstone paving. Brisbane Rock Sales has always offered professional advice with a great knowledge of their product, and delivered what has been promised with a minimum of fuss, and with a product that has more than met our expectations.

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