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Is Granite Better Than Sandstone?

Both Sandstone and Granite are natural stones. They are used as residential building materials at Brisbane Rock Sales to provide a finished look to the interior and exterior designing projects. For domestic paving plans, Granite is a good option.
But, if you want to give a rustic, artsy look to your building, you should go for Sandstone. Here, we would like to discuss the essential features of Sandstone and Granite. This might help you decide which is better for the paving purposes of your home.

Sandstone: A sedimentary rock whose main components are sand or quartz grains. These stone grains are cemented together to form a rigid block. Primarily available in multiple colours like red, brown or yellow, sandstones are popular for making pavements in buildings and bungalows. It is also used as a construction material or raw material in manufacturing. Sandstone has a consistent size and often are smooth yet rustic.

Granite: On the other hand, Granite is a robust material with crystalline, igneous rock made mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar. It is also pegged as a construction stone. It is a light-coloured block that is available in numerous different types of beautiful colours and designs. The durability of Granite stone is also good. It is long-lasting and pretty easy to clean.

Sandstone V/s Granite

Both these rigid stones are popular building materials for residential and commercial designing projects. Now we would like to discuss some essential features and differences between Granite and Sandstone.
Granite is primarily used in many indoor applications such as countertops, decorative aggregates, floor tiles, entryways, flooring in homes and hotels, interior decoration purposes, kitchens, and stair treads. On the other hand, Sandstone is also used for making Countertops and Decorative aggregates, but usually for external furniture and pavements.

Both Sandstone and Granite can be used for home building materials, but Granite is the best option for domestic paving projects.
If you’re working on constructing a masonry project, then Sandstone is a brilliant choice.

In Conclusion…
These stones are robust and used for interior and exterior home designing projects depending on the customer’s choice and needs. They both have various physical properties depending upon their nature. Granite is available in white, black, orange, pink and grey colours.
Nowadays, Sandstone is becoming a popular choice for our clients as Brisbane Rock Sales as they want to give their building for a more authentic look.
Sandstone is available in light green, pink, red, yellow, white, beige, black, brown, cream, dark brown, green, and light to dark grey colours.
If you need more information regarding their hardness, heat capacity, porosity, and cleaning tips, you must give us a call and speak to one of our experts.
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    From the time I rang Brisbane Rock Sales to get some names for quotes to do this sandstone wall to completion, I could not have been happier with the whole process. The price came in as a reasonable amount of money after I had received quotes to get the wooden retaining wall replaced, the stones came in a lot cheaper. We couldn’t be happier with the end product and we were very impressed with the professionalism shown. Thank you for making the process less stressful and creating such a pleasing result.

    Melanie Williams

    Just letting you know I was happy with your service and quality of Sandstone also the lady who delivered the stone could not have been more helpful. My sincere thanks.

    Mark Isaac – Isaac Earthworks

    The quality of the sandstone blocks that Brisbane Rock Sales supplied for us were stunning. The blocks were built into a beautiful retaining wall at the front of our property. Thank you Brisbane Rock Sales for the friendly service and hassle free delivery of these beautiful blocks.

    Tim and Jess Campbell

    We would not hesitate to recommend Brisbane Rock Sales to anyone considering sandstone paving. Brisbane Rock Sales has always offered professional advice with a great knowledge of their product, and delivered what has been promised with a minimum of fuss, and with a product that has more than met our expectations.

    Trent Foy

    Brisbane Rock Sales supplied our full range of sandstone pavers, coping and tiles for our pool surrounds and outdoor entertaining area.  The personal and professional service we received was fantastic and the quality of the products are excellent!

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